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Born in 1985 and raised in London, Daniel's earliest memories are of him behind a camera capturing moments and forming memories.

After graduating with a Masters in Artists' Film, Video and Photography, Daniel pursued his interests in the documentary world producing several photographic projects. Daniel has literally traveled the globe with a camera strapped to his back for the last 10 years, his passion for telling real transformative stories in dramatic locations is where he finds his stride. He has shot Sumo wrestling schools in Japan, undocumented workers in Houston Texas, hardworking families in Karachi and skateboarders in the slums of Uganda. In 2015 and Daniel's debut short documentary 'The Journey of a Stateless Man' won awards and honourable mentions on the festival circuit.

From that moment onwards, Daniel has continued to pursue his passion in documentary filmmaking directing several short films including 'A Million Waves' which again was very successful on the festival circuit and was showcased on NOWNESS and WeTransfer.  Alongside his dedication to sharing incredible real life stories Daniel works for various brands and clients producing visually stunning films with the aim of establishing a connection with the viewer through empathetic storytelling.

Whether Daniel is creating a 30 second spot for social media or a documentary film, his stylised aesthetics offer up a cinematic and stripped down documentary approach to filmmaking, telling intimate stories bridging the gap between viewer and subject.


MA Artists' Film, Video & Photography, University for the Creative Arts, 2008 - 2010
BA Photography & Media Arts, University for the Creative Arts, 2005 - 2008


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